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Monday, February 15, 2016

Case Driven PBL Exercises

This course employs case driven problem based learning PBL.

Each case description presents a brief 1 or 2 page document describing 'problems' that we might reasonably expect to encounter in the workplace. Small groups of students (4) use cases to structure self-directed learning goals. The cases become progressively more complex and/or subtle as students become more adept at the approach to learning and engage more deeply with the problems presented as the depth and sophistication of their own knowledge expands.

Groups of 3 or 4 people work on the case in 2 stages; during the second half of the class in the first week and the first half of the class in the following week after which each group presents a brief summary. In between I provide a 45" traditional presentation followed by discussion of suggested readings. The whole class studies one case a week.

Group research process guide:
  • individuals read the case,
  • the group then analyses and interpret according to own existing knowledge,
  • diagnose the case problems,
  • identify individual (and group) learning gaps,
  • over intervening week research independently,
  • at the next class individuals report back to their group,
  • each group then generates a synthesis and summary,
  • then each group presents to the class and individuals reflect on the process.

Individual research process guide:
  • Read the case.
  • what did you learn? Is there anything in the case you could apply elsewhere or use to inform future practice?
  • Does it raise questions for you? How would you answer the questions?
  • Are the statements and claims supported? If not should they be and how might they be addressed?
  • Is information presented that you do not understand? How did you resolve your personal knowledge gap?