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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Establishing a 'new software capital'

Offshoring and Outsourcing in China
Xi'an: A regional perspective. An interview with Prof. Rong Du, Department of Management, School of Economics and Management, Xian University.

What are the challenges that Xi'an has had to overcome to establish a local outsourcing industry?
What barriers exist?
What benefits filters through to the local economy?
Who is the competition?
What specialisations are specific to China and Xi'an (BPO, ITO, R&D, Manufacturing)?
What are Xi'an's advantages?
Do businesses support each other through clustering?
Can you provide examples of the kinds of businesses basing themselves in Xi'an?
How do so called tier 2 cities position themselves amongst each other and alongside tier 1 cities?
Which international markets are most open to setting up operations in China or working with Chinese firms?