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Saturday, November 28, 2015

H-1b system in the U.S.A. opens a keyhole view

The H-1b system in the U.S.A. is analysed by Haeyoun Park, who highlights how dominant Indian offshore outsourcing businesses are in the competition for the limited number (85,000) of H-1b visas on offer from the government.
The headline angle that Park follows most strongly is the complaint that the system operates in an almost unpatriotic way. Foreign multi-nationals benefit at the expense of smaller indigenous firms;
"squeezing out many American companies, including smaller start-ups" (Park, 2015)
However we can also infer that outsourcing's inherent contradiction is also evident, that distance really matters.
Source: New York Times article (link)

Why else would multi-national outsourcing firms seek to locate so many of their employees close to their client organisations? The 16,573 visas awarded to 7 outsourcing firms based in India reflect significant organisational operations in their own right.