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Friday, February 19, 2016

What's in a one page research idea?

After reading the proposal and talking about it we should be able to answer the following questions.
  • Do we know what you propose investigating? (a one sentence statement, often the title)
  • Motivation, why is it interesting? (might be something puzzling at work or a question you have)
  • What sources of data do you think will you use? (speculation is ok)
  • What kind of data do you expect to gather and how will the data be gathered? (speculation is ok)
  • In what theory, knowledge area, discipline do you start from? (provide some references to theory)
Basic structure as follows:
TITLE (a couple of words, a phrase or a short sentence)
ABSTRACT (- around 300 words - a very short 'story' from which answers to the questions above can be inferred )
  1. Justify your idea using at least three academic references (not magazine articles, web posts or news items).
  2. Justify the most important statements using citation (see note above).
  3. Do not include spurious references in the bibliography, that is, only include a reference if you have cited it in the text.
  4. For an abstract: three references is about right, more than ten is too many. None is too few.
  5. An abstract should fit on a single page (including title, author's name and references).