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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lecture 6 - global, ethics, research progress and writing

Global Innovation
Ethical Issues

Discussion of...

...a snapshot of progress on your own particular research country/region:
  1. One research article addressing the economic impact, e.g. one or all of: national ITO, BPO, ICT activity, and/or services activity in general.
  2. One research article addressing one or more relevant social factors, e.g. unemployment, education, HDI etc.
  3. One table summarising some relevant data e.g. over 10-20 years. Probably sourced from UN or World Bank or national statistical agencies.
Global mapping exercises for Apple Corp.
90% of the World's Coltan reserves are located in Africa with most of that coming from the Katanga region in the DR Congo.
In the news: Apple in talks with miners to secure cobalt supplies: source
Apple Inc is talking to major cobalt producers to secure supplies of the material vital for the lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that power its mobile phones, three cobalt industry sources said.
"In 2016, we expanded our responsible sourcing efforts beyond conflict minerals to include cobalt. We’re proud to report that 100 percent of our conflict minerals and cobalt smelter/refiner partners are now participating in independent third-party audits to ensure their own business practices are conducted responsibly. Our commitment to responsible sourcing will not waiver and we will continue to drive our standards deep in our supply chain. (Apple Supplier Responsibility, 2017)

Search for "3TG, conflict minerals, illicit trade, coltan, columbite-tantalite, tantalum": source source source
Coltan refining and supply for sale: source source