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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Research topic challenge: Who can give me access?

The student groups have to identify their own topics. Not an easy task!

I recommend you read through the case and research papers in the 'READINGS' folder and widen your investigation to other outsourcing research articles to start getting ideas and be inspired.

Consider addressing a couple of prerequisites first.

1. Access. Who can give me access to an organisation or many organisations?

2. Data. What am I going to ask or discover, what kind of data do I think I can gather?

Then brainstorm, capture, structure, write.

Question: Why is there no template?
I would like this to be taken as an opportunity for you to create something of real value, your own research project, an exercise that you can define and conduct independently. In the first instance you should attempt to create your own research output, built with your own creative energy and enthusiasm, something that is yours, that is substantial and original.
However, to say that there is no template is incorrect. Research nearly always conforms to a limited range of presentation genres. The guidelines document (link) is merely one of the most general formats

I look forward to reading through your ideas.